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Welcome to the McGuire College website.  As you navigate through our site, you will learn about our unique College and its wonderful students.  You will also gain some insight into the vibrancy, diversity and strength of our wider College community.


Government schools such as ours represent a wide cross section of society, underpinning the democratic lifestyle that Australians enjoy.  We are a College that engenders bright, confident, expressive and cooperative citizens today and leaders in the future.


At McGuire College, we believe ardently that every student can and should succeed.  We also believe that appropriate structure, active support and the nurturing of student creativity will allow us to achieve this aim.


Our 450 students consistently impress the College and wider community alike with their positive attitudes towards learning, enhanced achievements and growing community contributions.  They are first class ambassadors for the College, their families and themselves.  Our students strive to model the school values of Respect, Environment, Accountability and Learning, while setting goals, challenging one another and participating actively in the life of the College.


What we want for our children we should also want for our teachers – that schools be a place of learning for both of them and that such learning be suffused with excitement, engagement, passion, challenges, creativity and joy”

Professor Andy Hargreaves


Our staff team are skilled and dedicated to the education and wellbeing of your children.  Learning is valued.  Students and staff are encouraged to pursue knowledge, build their skills and empower themselves and others to make responsible decisions.


McGuire College is the only Greater Shepparton DET approved provider of the Select Entry Accelerated Learning (SEAL) Program.  This program aims to address the learning needs of gifted and high potential students.  Students may subsequently choose to complete additional VCE units, enabling them to accrue a greater breadth of subjects.  Selection for 2017 SEAL entry to McGuire College will be determined over the coming months so each 2017 SEAL student can be partnered in second semester this year to make the transition to our College.


McGuire College is part of the Better Together Alliance where all students in government schools in Greater Shepparton have the opportunity to access programs from all four schools, particularly in the senior years.  The Better Together Alliance has strong partnerships with La Trobe University, GOTAFE and local employers to help develop pathways for our students to prepare them for higher education, training and employment.


Whilst there are many other notable developments and innovations, please remember the existing programs and their strengths.  We are in close partnership with The Smith Family and other agencies and we have specialist staff who work closely to ensure successful educational and life pathways for all of our students, recognising that our diversity is our strength.


Whilst I hope that you will enjoy exploring our College website, I strongly urge you to come along and explore our College personally.  On campus, you will witness a vibrant, evolving learning environment founded on quality, where every student is genuinely important.


We look forward to you being part of the McGuire College community.



Brad Moyle


March 2016