• At the junior levels, students are offered a full range of subjects and classes are differentiated to meet the student needs.  Those who need extra support receive focussed literacy and numeracy support both in and out of the classroom. Those who need to be extended are challenged accordingly.
  • Subjects studied at Year 7 include: English, Mathematics, Humanities, Science, Health, Physical Education, Art, Ceramics, Wood, Textiles, Home Economics, Materials Technology, Music and Visual Communications.  Students have the opportunity to learn Italian and Persian languages.
  • Further electives are available at Years 8 and 9 and include Automotive studies, Information Technology, Jewellery and more.
  • McGuire College is the only Shepparton school to offer a Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program (SEAL).  This SEAL program caters for gifted and talented students and offers the opportunity to fast-track subjects in the senior school.
  • All students will have a career action plan.
  • Comprehensive subject selection counselling takes place for each child when choosing subjects for the following year.