Select Entry Accelerated Learning (SEAL) Program


SEAL is a Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) initiative for gifted and talented students.


Currently there are 36 SEAL schools in Victoria.


McGuire College works in partnership with their two closest SEAL schools at Wangaratta High School and Wodonga Middle Years College


What is giftedness?


Giftedness refers to a student's outstanding potential and ability in one or more domains, such as intellectual, creative, interpersonal and sensory-motor.


Talent refers to outstanding performance in one or more fields of human activity. Talent emerges from ability as a consequence of the student's learning experience.


At McGuire College:


SEAL students are grouped together for their core subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Italian, PE and Health (timetable permitting).


SEAL students will be in mainstream mixed classes for some subjects such as electives.


Students must also participate in the English, Mathematics and Science Competitions each year.


McGuire College SEAL Program Brochure


SEAL 2019 Online Application



SEAL Academy